Back to the Basics

In any form of art, it is essential for one to be able to see the basic shapes that most things can be made of.  Being able to see the basic shapes is important, whether it be for blocking out a model, sketching out your favorite character, or working on that oil landscape.  Each of these have the same basic reason for finding the basic shapes, which is to be able to see what silhouette and form the final product will have.  This is helpful, for your silhouette should be something that will be easily recognizable.  Another reason is that you can see if your proportions are to your liking, and make any necessary changes BEFORE getting too deeply invested in the work of art being created.

This month we are focusing on the fundamentals of modeling in 3D Fundamentals.  Having learned how to model many years ago, I have been finding it an actual challenge to block things out and NOT make too many changes or extrude, extrude, extrude!

Check back every few days for more updates!



Into the Fray

Hello!  Welcome to my blog, where I will be documenting my progress and work while attending Full Sail.  I have been modeling using Maya and 3DS Max for several years, and have finally decided it was time for some schooling to back up the work I do.  I have worked on a few indie game teams, but those rarely seem to come to fruition.

Check back regularly for updates and leave me any comments or criticism you feel necessary!